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Respecting a diversity of opinion

We can have many variable opinions often on similar topics. This short comment piece by a respected marketer from WA puts those who criticise anyone's opinions into perspective.

Ingrid Harrison
Ingrid Harrison
2 months ago
Opinions should be respected not reviled

WE saw this on a social media platform recently and it hit home. It’s only a short read but worth taking in. We can have multiple opinions about issues both professional and personal. We shouldn’t be castigated if and when we do:

“Just a little reminder to all the ‘whatabouters’ and gatekeepers out there - seemingly rampant across social media these days - that you can be upset and concerned about more than one thing at the same time.

You can be really sad about Shane Warne's death while still being upset about the Hurricane Katrina-level floods we've seen in areas of NSW and Queensland.

You can be concerned about the invasion of Ukraine and also be indignant at other invasions and unwarranted military actions taking place around the world.

You can share leading edge thinking and innovations in your industry, while also expressing that Wordle is not as fun since it was bought by the New York Times (it really isn't).

You can be angry at the ongoing incompetence and obvious corruption happening at federal government level while also being unhappy with a state government's actions - despite them being different political parties. Politics is not sport, people.

You can be frustrated at decades of ignorance and indifference that corporations, vested interests, and way too many of us have paid to the increasing dangers of unchecked climate change, while also wanting to fire one of James Bond's rockets at drivers in certain cities who apparently forget how to drive whenever it rains.

You can even post about what's happening in your life, or events happening around the world, on LinkedIn and also be a professional using the platform to connect with peers and people you admire.

It's almost like we're whole humans with the capacity to be more than just what we do for a job.”

Matthew Rosich Strategist | Marketer | Collaborator | Consultant, Western Australia